Volunteer with Us

The Sydney A Capella Festival is a festival that creates a stage for Acappella in Sydney. The Cleftomaniacs birthed the dream to bring together different acappella groups to present their art before participants. The festival was spammed over four days with six amazing shows hosting amazing Acappella groups.

The entire hard work required to make the show a reality was done by volunteers. After the kleptomaniac sent out word, Acappella enthusiasts began to come together. They formed a small group and gave freely of their time energy, and put in a lot of effort to make the event a success.

They spent time compiling lists, making phone calls, and sending out emails to performers. They soon started to get word back from the performers expressing their excitement at the prospect of such an event. They went on to secure a venue for the event and set up a website, and through their efforts, the show became a reality. They developed a programme for the event and made all the necessary preparations.

Even at the event’s kick-off, we required many efforts to ensure that the event went hitch-free. Ensuring the venue was set, the stage was ready, the performers were ready, etc., were things that the volunteers had to see.

The role of volunteers in ensuring a hitch-free event cannot be overemphasised. We need as many hands on deck to carry out all the necessary tasks towards creating an amazing festival. We invite you to volunteer with us. We can’t wait to have you work on our team. Volunteers should live within Sydney for ease in carrying out the tasks. We can’t wait to put together the festival’s next organising team.

Are you a lover of Acappella? Are you enthusiastic about creating a stage for Acappella groups to showcase their acts to people? Are you keen on organising events and working hard to make sure everything works out smoothly? These are the very things that encouraged the pioneer organising team to birth the idea of the event. If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, you are a perfect fit for the tasks ahead.

There are some qualities that we would appreciate in our volunteers. Volunteers should be dedicated as we are to create an amazing event. Volunteers should have great teamwork because we will be working with a host of other people. Volunteers should have good communication skills to ensure that information is passed across swiftly and concisely between team members.

We are dedicated to creating a conducive environment for you to work in. All volunteers will be respected and protected. The chance to take part in creating such a beautiful and compelling show is more rewarding in itself. Please fill out the volunteer form and join our team to create an amazing A Capella Festival.

To register your interest, fill out the Volunteer Registration form on our website. Tell us about yourself and why you want to become a volunteer for the event. We can’t wait to hear from you.