The Performers

The Sydney A Capella Festival is an amazing event with tons of great performers on the line-up to ensure that you have an amazing time. The event spans over four days, with six shows for you to pick from. The shows are usually held in cabaret form, in a nice, atmospheric, and cosy setting with a stage for performers while the audience sits, eats, and drinks as they enjoy the performances.

We include a line-up of amazing performers. Our performers include award-winning acappella groups. We offer a programme wide, tantalising, wide selection of amazing and award-winning performers and acts for your pleasure. You would recognise some of the singers as famous performers. Our 2008 edition had acted like the idea of North, Blindman’s Holiday, Kaya, and Martenitsa, to mention but a few.

You would also get to watch performances from some acts that are new to you. We recognise that acappella is very diverse in its style, and we are open to embracing as many different styles as possible. Our platform is open to hot gospel acappella, jazz acappella, contemporary acappella, retro pop acappella, world and blues acappella, and barbershop acappella acts. This list is not exhaustive. Our stage is open to even more acappella styles.

There are so many great choirs and acappella groups that we just might not be able to fit them into the six-day programme. However, we would be unearthing a few new gems. For instance, at our 2008 A Capella Festival, we discovered the Swish Dudes, who were loved by the audience!

It is amazing to see how the six shows will come together and take shape to become a fantastic line-up for the festival. This is possible because every single performance on the event list is presented with finesse, precision, and excitement.

We keep a list of our performers on our website. You can click on the name of a performer in the menu on the left-hand side to read and to learn more about the 2008 performers and find out when they are on. You can even listen to the MP3 samples of their performances on the website as well.

The 2008 performers include Accolade, The AIM Singers, Alchemy, Another Roadside Attraction, The Australian Gaelic Singers, Bel A Cappella, Blindman’s Holiday, Café of the Gate of Salvation, and The Cleftomaniacs. Other performers are Double Shot, The Fifth House, Glory Bound Groove Train, The Honeybees, The Idea of North, Jubilation, Kaya, Martenitsa, Nothing Without Belinda, The Roaring Forties, Stairwell to Heaven, Sway, The Swish Dudes, Vocalicious and the voices From The Vacant Lot. They all did an amazing job presenting amazing performances across different styles and genres and creating a worthwhile experience for the audience members.

This Sydney A Capella Festival not only challenged but also engaged the minds and the hearts of every single participant and audience member. They were all able to create memorable memories and a fun experience that would last a lifetime. This was the goal of the event, and we accomplished it!