Participate in the Festival

The Sydney A Capella Festival is a festival that creates a stage for Acappella in Sydney. The Cleftomaniacs birthed the dream to bring together different Acappella groups to present their art before participants. The festival was spammed over four days with six amazing shows hosting amazing Acappella groups.

There are two main ways for a person to be involved in the Sydney A Capella Festival. You could be on either side of the stage, either performing at the festival or attending the shows. Whatever side of the stage you happen to be on, we recognise and appreciate you. Without the participants, the show would never have been held.


Without an audience, there is no show. We recognise and appreciate the presence of everyone who made it down to the venue of the show for any of the six festival shows. We appreciate the enthusiasm that the audience brought to the show, enjoying and heartily applauding the performers. We have great audiences! It is this great audiences that inspire greater performances. And indeed, our audience did this. Our performers had an amazing time presenting to such an engaging audience.

We invite you to attend any of our future shows. You are certain to have a wonderful time. You will be presented with compelling and entertaining performances from amazing acappella groups. All we ask is that you come along with your enthusiasm. Even if this is the first time you are being exposed to Acapella, we know you will love it. In fact, you just might find a passion for it.


Our performers form the backbone of the shows. If we do not have performers, then there is no point gathering in the first place. The performers were excited at the prospect of getting a common stage to perform on in Sydney. They immediately sent word back to the organising team. We were able to host a slew of performers, acts, and groups for the 2008 Festival.

The performers included; Accolade, The AIM Singers, Alchemy, Another Roadside Attraction, The Australian Gaelic Singers, Bel Acappella, Blindman’s Holiday, Café of the Gate of Salvation, The Cleftomaniacs, Double Shot, The Fifth House, Glory Bound GrooveTrain, The Honeybees, The Idea of North, Jubilation, Kaya, Martenitsa, Nothing Without Belinda, The Roaring Forties, Stairwell to Heaven, Sway, The Swish Dudes, Vocalicious and the voices From The Vacant Lot. You can check the website for more information about the groups.

Our performers include famous groups that you most likely already recognise and some new amazing groups that we discovered. We invite you to register to perform at our next show if you’re interested. Even if you’re a new group looking to be discovered, our stage is open to all.

We are more than excited to see the discoveries we will make this year. For instance, we discovered the Swish Dudes in 2008, and the audience loved them! Perhaps your group will be the one to put the audience at the edge of their seats. We can’t wait to see it!

Register your interest in performing by filling out the registration form for online performers. Tell us about your group and about what you do. We do hope that the festival will continue in the years to come.