About the Festival

The A Capella Festival

The A Capella Festival was birthed when it was noticed that there was a reduction in the number of opportunities available for Acappella groups in Sydney. There just weren’t many opportunities to share a Sydney stage. The Cleftomaniacs, a Sydney-based choir, decided to use their non-profit organisation’s small bank balance. They decided to change the situation by organising an event to bring the acappella community together and provide a platform for them to perform.

The event was designed to attract many talents and provide them with a means of showcasing it. Different acappella music styles are encouraged and accepted. The acappella community is vibrant and diverse, and the festival embraces that diversity.

The event also aimed to introduce the acappella community members to the joys and benefits of performing their craft in front of an audience. Closeted singers and other public members who have never heard of it can also get introduced to acappella and find their flare, thereby unearthing some new talents.

The Cleftomanics sent out word, and soon some acappella enthusiasts came together. They formed a small team (very small!). They worked overtime, compiling lists, making phone calls, and sending out emails to performers. They began to get word back that the performers were excited at the prospect. They went on to secure a venue for the event and set up a website. Like that, the Sydney A Capella Festival of 2008 was going to happen.

The small team kept up compiling the lists, sending out emails, and making phone calls to ensure the event’s success. The hard work of the small group of singers voluntarily donated their time, energy, and skills to make the festival happen. Their sacrifice is much appreciated! We do hope that the event will continue in the years to come.

The 2008 event saw performances from groups like the Accolade, The AIM Singers, Alchemy, Another Roadside Attraction, the Australian Gaelic Singers, Bel A Cappella, Blindman’s Holiday, Café of the Gate of Salvation, The Cleftomaniacs, Double Shot, the fifth House, Glory Bound Groove Train, The Honeybees, and so much more. You can check the website for more information about the groups.

The Sydney A Capella Festival brings you a unique and unforgettable experience. It promises a full, exciting, and entertaining event. A lot of planning and efforts go into planning to ensure that the event is a success. Are you an acappella performer or enthusiast? Then the Sydney A Capella Festival is for you. Or is this your first introduction to the word of acappella? Then attend the festival to witness the best of acappella. You might just fall in love with it and find your passion.

Check out our online registration form for performers and fill it out to register your interest in performing in the next edition of the festival. Tell us about yourself and tell us about what you do.

We hope you do enjoy the festival, no matter the size of the stage you are on!