The Sydney A Capella Festival

Welcome to the Official Page of the Sydney A Cappella Festival

The A Capella Festival was birthed when it was noticed that there was a reduction in the number of opportunities available for Acappella groups in Sydney. There just weren’t many opportunities to share a Sydney stage. The Cleftomaniacs, a Sydney-based choir, decided to use their non-profit organisation’s small bank balance. They decided to change the situation by organising an event to bring the acappella community together and provide a platform for them to perform.


The Sydney A Capella Festival is an amazing event with tons of great performers on the line-up to ensure that you have an amazing time. The event spans over four days, with six shows for you to pick from. The shows are usually held in cabaret form, in a nice, atmospheric, and cosy setting with a stage for performers while the audience sits, eats, and drinks as they enjoy the performances. We include a line-up of amazing performers. Our performers include award-winning acappella groups. We offer a programme wide, tantalising, wide selection of amazing and award-winning performers and acts for your pleasure.

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The Sydney A Capella Festival 2008 program spanned a total of six shows in four days. At each of the shows, four amazing acts got performed in front of the audience. You can view the list of the performers’ names on the website for some more detailed information about them. Most of the names come with sound files, video links, and websites so that you can learn more about the performers. You can also download a PDF of the full programme of the festival on the website. It is for 92kb. The festival kicked off on Wednesday, 10th September 2008, and ended on Saturday, 13th September 2008. We are deciding on a new programme schedule.



The role of volunteers in ensuring a hitch-free event cannot be overemphasised. We need as many hands on deck to carry out all the necessary tasks towards creating an amazing festival. We invite you to volunteer with us. We can’t wait to have you work on our team. Volunteers should live within Sydney for ease in carrying out the tasks. We can’t wait to put together the festival’s next organising team.

Are you a lover of Acappella? Are you enthusiastic about creating a stage for Acappella groups to showcase their acts to people? Are you keen on organising events and working hard to make sure everything works out smoothly? Then, volunteer with us.


The Sydney A Capella Festival is a festival that creates a stage for Acappella in Sydney. The Cleftomaniacs birthed the dream to bring together different Acappella groups to present their art before participants. The festival was spammed over four days with six amazing shows hosting amazing Acappella groups. There are two main ways for a person to be involved in the Sydney A Capella Festival. You could be on either side of the stage, either performing at the festival or attending the shows. Whatever side of the stage you happen to be on, we recognise and appreciate you. Without the participants, the show would never have been held.